A letter of recommendation (LOR) is the document that provides a comprehensive insight into your candidature to the Admission officers of any concerned University. LOR is drafted to seek the attention of Admission officers through providing a clearer and positive image of your achievements, experience, and skills by the recommender. The LOR is very much important similar to your admission essays, resume or the statements of purpose (SOP), or other documents.

There are two types of LOR.

• Academic

• Professional

The academic LOR is provided by the faculty member from your earlier institute. These are relevant to study bachelor programs in foreign countries. Some of the overseas management colleges demand professional LOR from the immediate employer if the applicant possesses work experience.

While Drafting Your LOR, keep these points in your concern

• Display Professionalism

• Evaluate Realistic Performance

• Avoided Unnecessary Bragging

Drafting SOP

The overseas universities demand the Statement of Purpose (SOP) which is an essay providing a brief description of the life of the applicant and he/she is selecting that goal or what are the motivations behind the preferred career path. The Statement of Purpose includes several elements as well as you should define it simply to present your statement of purpose. Even some universities demand SOP in their preferred format, but in general, the SOP includes your goals and the career you have selected for your academic advancement. The other elements of the SOP include personal motivation which leads you to decide the course or university you applied to. It includes your intend to employ your experience to accomplish your goals.

While drafting your SOP, keep these points in concern;

1. Arrange the list of what you want to include.

2. Select the theme of SOP

3. Optimize the list

4. Explore the University and the course

5. Edit, Re-check, Evaluate and Re-write your SOP

6. Draft the Perfect Statement

7. Introspect the Multiple Events