We organize safe travel equipped with insurance to the overseas medical universities and arrange suitable accommodation in foreign countries. We take care of all your travel necessities like Visa, Air Ticket, Pick-up & drop from Airport, See you off at the doormat of your hostel. We ensure that you have completed the checklist of your pre-departure belongings.

Here is the checklist

Following is the recommended pre-departure checklist that you should  before leaving for MBBS in Abroad.


 Obtain your passport as well as ensure its validity

 Acquire Your visa

 Make a payment of your program and keep every copy or proof of payments

 Keep checking the status of your departure

 Take a flight from the suggested travel agency

 Check your flight schedule and information your organizer.

 Check and your baggage according to the restrictions of the airline

 Carefully read the arrival update and instructions

 Make a copy of all these points and give that to your family member, close friends, and your education consultant.

Documents to keep with you:


 Photo copies of your cards (ATM/Credit/Debit)

 ID cards

 Medical Prescriptions

 Arrival Update

 Flight Schedule


 Register with the official department of concerned country

 Complete the form for Power Attorney

 Collect info about absentee voting

 Collect info about taxes and other charges


 Collect medical prescriptions required for you

 Keep some generic medicines

 Visit doctors and thoroughly examine your health


 Get the insurance and collect all info of your plan

 Collect the letter of confirmation

 Get additional coverage for personal properties, if desired

 Get travel insurance

Communication Details

 Collect all contact numbers and e-mail your near and dear ones

 Collect all contact numbers and e-mail of your university advisors, consultant, registrar and financial support office.

 Collect the contact number of the on-site staff member for Arrival Update

 Get ISD plans in your mobile phone (if you desire to use it in abroad)

 Get the international calling card.

 Open an e-mail that is accessible in abroad (i.e., Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail)


 Collect your cards (ATM/Credit/Debit) and their PIN which is usable in abroad

 Evaluate bank fees and charges

 Get all instruction related to using your cards in abroad

 Arrange local currency of the concerned country prior to leave

 Get the idea of estimated expenses and arrange the budget

 Check your Net Banking option

Important Notes (Email, and Contact Numbers)


 Advisory of Study Abroad

 Financial support Office


 Indian Embassy

 Local Emergency Service and more others